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Resident Program

In 2018, Skamania County EMS adopted policy and established a Resident Program.  The intent of the Resident Program is to cooperate with educational institutions and technical training programs to recruit and train students interested in pursuing a career related to emergency and non-emergency medical services or public safety.  Additionally, this program may be offered to students who, though they do not intend to pursue a career as indicated above, have a desire to give back to their community while obtaining education at a center of higher education.

Persons selected to fill a position with our Resident Program will supplement services provided by paid personnel to provide greater community outreach at programs and events.  On a scheduled basis and in conjunction with paid personnel they will provide emergency medical and rescue services.

At a minimum, applicants to the Resident Program must have or be able to obtain, prior to the program start, an Emergency Medical Responder certification.  Priority will be given to applicants who have or are enrolled in EMT certification courses.

Skamania County EMS identifies persons selected to participate in our Resident Program as volunteers.  These persons have willingly agreed to provide emergency medical response on behalf of the agency.  More specifically, a volunteer is identified as someone who freely gives their time and contributes services for civic, charitable or humanitarian reasons.  Our Resident Program provides for a monthly stipend of $200.00 for each month in which the resident meets minimum activity levels and program requirements.  Further, to encourage and support our program participants, Skamania County EMS provides an opportunity for residents to receive educational tuition incentives.  Complete details are available in our Volunteer and Resident Program Policy.


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