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Skamania EMS & Rescue is seeking persons interested in filling the position of Volunteer EMT or Paramedic.

Our agency seeks to employee persons who value teamwork, integrity, and a mutual respect for our response partners; who exhibit professionalism and accountability, and who are committed to investing in the emergency medical and technical rescue services in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. Reimbursement is $50 per 12 hours/month up to 36 hours.

Posting Closes: Friday, February 5th, 2021


To Apply: Skamania EMS & Rescue accepts applications at info@skamaniaems.com or hand delivered to:   253 SW First Street/ PO Box 338  Stevenson, WA 98648

Questions in regards to this solicitation may be submitted via email to: info@skamaniaems.com to Ann Lueders, Superintendent.

The agency Hiring Policy and SOG’s are available upon request.


Emergency: Call 911